An Update on the Michigander Litter

On the day the Bo x Luna Michigander kids turned eight weeks old, puppies all went into Dr. Cameron Norton at Cedar City Animal Hospital, and ALL got a clean bill of health!!! We then gave everyone baths and packed up some of the kids to deliver them to their new families in Southern CA. 

Green Boy spent a night at the Sheraton before getting picked up by his family. He slept the whole night in the bed with me. And when he pottied, it was on the potty pads!!! Pro tip: training pups to use them makes it really easy when you travel. 

We are finally back at home in Cedar City, Utah, with four remaining puppies: Pink Girl, White Girl, Purple Girl, and Orange Boy. 🐶🐶🐶🐶

White Girl is the biggest of the remaining bunch. She also has a lighter and longer coat than her siblings. She will leave next week to go home to Thousand Oaks, CA. 

Pink Girl will be heading to North Carolina as soon as I have a break in my schedule to fly with her there. (Lisa! I just realized I forgot to call you last night! Call me tomorrow.) In the meantime, her FAVORITE thing to do is to watch television with Barry. 

Violet Girl is trying to convince me that she wants to stay a little longer. We’ll see. 

Orange Boy says he’s better than his sister so if anyone is staying, it should be him. 

Time will tell…

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