Announcing a 2019 Otto x Bliss Litter

We’re pleased to announce our final litter of 2019:

The sire is Winner of the 2019 National Weimaraner Association Field Trial National, Silvershot’s Otto Von Knapp, “Otto.” The dam is Heartbeat’s Bird Field Bliss NSD NRD NAVHDA NA 2, “Bliss.”

The purpose of this line breeding (the COI over 10 generations is 22%) is to produce a litter of Weimaraners who have excellent ground speed, wide range, good nose, outgoing personality, fierce drive, and lots of grit. The litter is specifically line bred on Heartbeats Chevy Stingray NAVHDA UT 1, “Chevy,” who was known all around as a “tough dog.” 

The best puppies out of this litter are expected to do very well in AKC field trials. Those with not as much range will do well as personal hunting dogs. As companion dogs, we expect puppies to be protective, loyal, and family-oriented. Bliss is also 100% a lap dog, so please also expect your new addition to be VERY AFFECTIONATE. 🙂 

Please contact me at trailingfriday [at] gmail [dot] com if you might be interested in a field trial prospect or personal hunting companion. 

Alternatively, please also contact me if you’d like to be added to the list for a Winter 2020 puppy. We will have more information in Autumn 2019.

Thank you! – Kim

  Otto Bliss
Registered Name NACH Silvershot’s Otto Von Knapp Heartbeat’s Bird Field Bliss NSD NRD NA 2
Call Name “Otto” “Bliss”
AKC Registration #  SR77521908 SR75193102
Date of Birth 3/29/2013 9/13/2012
Height 25 inches 22 inches
Weight 50 pounds 42 pounds
Sire Heartbeats Chevy Stingray NAVHDA UTI, “Chevy” Heartbeats Chevy Stingray NAVHDA UTI, “Chevy”
Dam Silvershot’s Artful Dodger NAVHDA NAI, UTI, “Dodger” CWaybac’s Heartbeats Malibu SS, “Mali”
Pedigree Click here Click here
Health Clearances Hips: OFA EXCELLENT (WE-12371E32M-VPI)Hyperuricosuria (HUU): N/N (no copies of hyperuricosuria mutation; dog is normal)
Hypomyelination (HYM): N/N (no copies of hypomyelination mutation; dog is normal)
Spinal Dysraphism (SD): N/N (no copies of SD mutation; dog is normal)
CHIC # 139545

SIRE: NACH Silvershot’s Otto Von Knapp


DAM: Heartbeat Bird Field Bliss NSD NRD NAVHDA NA 2


Otto won the National Weimaraner Association’s National Field Trial in Conway, Arkansas in Match 2019. Additionally, he has 18 AKC Field Trial Placements:

Club Date Stake Place Starters Judges
North Michigan Weimaraner Club 3/8/2019 GALGD 1 14 Jim Wallace M Mays
Southern Arizona GSP Club 1/24/2019 OAA 4 12 Holly McKnight E W Eizman
Grand Canyon Brittany Club 1/18/2019 OAA 1 19 Michael McGah Todd Yamamoto
Weimaraner Club of America 12/1/2018 NAFC 3 17 David Gould Tim Carwile
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club 10/19/2018 OLGD 3 7 Susan DeGraw Daniel De Graw
Weimaraner Club of America 2/14/2018 OGD 2 24 Greg Knight James Gagnon
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club 4/14/2017 OLGD 4 7 Will Langley Daniel De Graw
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet) 11/15/2014 OD 4 13 Molly B Ward Julie LaRue
GSP Club of Michigan 9/6/2014 OD 4 9 Thomas Frederick Susan Daum
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club 5/17/2014 AWD 3 4 Robert Hoffmeyer Kelly Lester
Garden State Weimaraner Club 5/2/2014 AWD 2 4 Gus Allimonos Lance Fargo
Weimaraner Club of America 4/28/2014 OP 1 5 Ray Bowman Dave Pomfret
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association 3/8/2014 AWP 1 6 Richard J Miller Arthur Terstage
Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley 2/14/2014 AWP 1 7 David Medford Fred Lowry
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee 12/28/2013 AWP 3 9 Rodney Albin Rick Hopkins
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee 12/28/2013 OP 1 9 Kent Patterson Rick Hopkins
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association 11/16/2013 OP 3 9 James R Hupp Holly Hatfield
Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville 11/14/2013 AWP 3 9 James R Hupp Rodney Albin

More on line breeding. Line breeding is a tool breeders use to preserve specific traits in a particular breeding. It should only be done after careful research, planning, and interviews with breeders who have bred and/or owned close relatives. 

Otto and Bliss share the same sire, a dog named Chevy. The primary purpose of the Otto x Bliss line breeding (the coefficient of inbreeding over ten generations is 22.294%) is to maintain Chevy’s “toughness on birds, grit, and tenacity.” (This is very important to the Barrett breeding program because these traits are difficult to find, let alone preserve.)

The most common ancestors and top contributors in this pedigree are:

Most Common Ancestors (contributing at least 5%) Top Contributors
Michael Weiner Schnitzel (AKC SA111848) 10.55% 70 Heartbeats Chevy Stingray 50%
Unserhund von Sieger 19.63% 66 Heartbeat Bird Field Bliss 50%
Baby Doe von Tauber 9.38% 61 Silvershot’s Otto Von Knapp 50%
Michael Weiner Schnitzel (AKC SB131234) 10.45% 51 Grayshadow’s Paula’s Queen 25%
Aumar’s Mona 9.08% 51 Jax’s Third Times a Charm 25%
Shenandoah Drummer Boy 9.08% 51 Silvershot’s Artful Dodger 25%
Weiner Schnitzel’s McDuff 18.36% 50 Waybac’s Heartbeats Malibu SS 25%
Taylor’s Heidi 8.89% 44 Unserhund von Sieger 19.63%
Weiner Schnitzel’s Seme Scoot 10.64% 34 Andick’s Big Time Jake 19.53%
Birtzel’s Lay Back Zach 7.81% 16 Treeline’s Lyza Jayne 18.75%
Weiner Schnitzel’s Gipsi McDuff 6.25% 14 Weiner Schnitzel’s McDuff 18.36%
  Outdoors Rising Sun 17.19%

There are two dogs who appear in both columns. Here’s what we know about them:

Unserhund von Sieger. Unser is registered in the Weimaraner Hall of Fame. He was born in 1968, but has 115 known offspring with 19 mating partners. In other words, he is a prolific sire and appears in today’s pedigree because he was used so much. His most recent litter arrived via Artificial Insemination in 2016. Bryan Reynolds of Brymar Weimaraners did the breeding, and since he’s active in the Weimaraner Field Trial community, there’s a lot of data we have access to on recent offspring.

Weiner Schnitzel’s McDuff. Coming from the well known Weiner Schnitzel kennel (Shirley L Paulsen Walters), McDuff was born in 1974 and had a successful field trial career in his time. He went on to produce 39 offspring with 7 mating partners and appears in our pedigrees today because breeders over the last 50 years (including Gordon and Shirley Hansen of Outdoors Kennels) have continued his line. Today’s proven field trial dogs all go back to Weiner Schnitzel. 

With exception of the sire and dam (who are discussed in the litter announcement page), the top contributors to this breeding are:

  • NACH Silvershot’s Otto Von Knapp
  • Grayshadow’s Paula’s Queen
  • FCH Jax’s Third Times a Charm
  • Silvershot’s Artful Dodger NAVHDA NA 1 UT 1
  • Waybac’s Heartbeats Malibu SS

100% percent of these dogs are proven hunting dogs, and have a track record of producing hunting dogs. We’re excited about the potential we have in this breeding. Please contact me directly at  kim [at] barrettweimaraners [dot] com to inquire directly about having one of these puppies as a field trial prospect. (As of this writing, all companion puppies are spoken for.) Thank you! 

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