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A Pet Owner’s Guide to the Dog Crate

A PET OWNER”S GUIDE TO THE DOG CRATE by Nicki Meyer Far too many potentially good pets are misunderstood, unfairly punished or abused, isolated, or simply “gotten rid of” by otherwise kind and well-meaning owners who are unable to prevent, control, or live with the common “problem” behavior of puppies and young adult dogs.  The…


The Risks of Early Neuter in Dogs

Resources on the risks of early neuter in dogs: *Spay, Neuter And Joint Disease *Long term effects, which clearly outlines the pros/cons- *Considerations, including increase in fears, sound sensitivity, and aggression- *Concerning aggression and fearful dogs- *Behavior and physical affects, which shows the correlation between neutering and increased aggression- *Increase in bone cancer-…


Adopt or Shop

The perfect pet is a different answer for everyone.  We do not support the Adopt Don’t Shop mantra, because it is used by Animal Rights fanatic groups, like PETA, who seek to end all animal ownership.  Unless given away for free, every time money is exchanged for an animal, it is a purchase, which gives…


Why Breeds Change

This explains why words like “Fancy” “Extreme” “Flashy” destroy breeds. Standards in most breeds share words like BALANCE. MODERATE. TYPE. Staying “true” is much harder than caving to current “winning trend”. Some say Simpatico dogs are “too plain”. We consider it a compliment. The Reason Why Breeds Change By Andrew H. Brace  I wonder how…

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