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The series of Barrett University articles (listed below) is intended to provide Barrett puppy owners with a guide to prepare for their puppy’s arrival. Please feel free to call or email me directly with any questions, anytime.


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Welcome article. Congratulations on your new Barrett puppy! Please find below the first article in the “Barrett University” series. We’ll start with some recommended reading and basic homework. Recommended reading: My favorite Weimaraner book of all time is Weimaraner Ways, by Virginia Alexander (who also happens to be Friday’s breeder). For our breed, it’s the most comprehensive book out there… [click here to continue reading this article].

Puppy Development Series. In just eight short weeks, puppies go from being helpless little potatoes to agile little monsters. This series of Puppy Development articles (listed below) is intended to provide Barrett puppy owners with a summary of their puppy’s developmental progress between birth and eight weeks of age. After eight weeks of age, the articles include resources related to Weimaraner behavior, health, nutrition, and safety… [click here to continue reading this article].

What to Feed your Weimaraner Puppy. With so much dog food on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to feed your new Weimaraner puppy. Luckily, if you’re getting your puppy from a breeder, you can get a recommendation/head start. For those of you who want to nerd out, here are a few additional articles to read about selecting high quality dog food… [click here to continue reading this article].

Hereditary, Genetic, and Congenital Conditions in Weimaraners. A hereditary, genetic or congenital condition is an illness, defect, disorder or disease that is present from birth, inherited by your Weimaraner, or to which your Weimaraner is predisposed through hereditary or genetic factors. This list includes conditions we may consider hereditary, genetic or congenital in Weimaraners… [click here to continue reading this article].

Weimaraner Health Problems. Every dog breed encounters health problems and Weimaraners are no exception. The below is a partial listing of some health issues that may affect Weimaraners. Note that only some, but not all of these are hereditary, genetic, and congenital conditions… [click here to continue reading this article].

The Case for Health Insurance. Pet insurance. What is it? Do I need it? If so, why? As you plan to bring home your new puppy, you of course, will buy many things to make his or her homecoming a smooth transitional experience for all. What many people don’t consider purchasing is pet insurance. Many people won’t ever need or use pet insurance but when you do need it, you may REALLY need it! … [click here to continue reading this article].

Microchipping Your Weimaraner. Most of our litters have been microchipped at eight weeks. In the event that your puppy isn’t microchipped before it goes home, please consider having this done the first time you take your puppy in to meet your vet. Additional information about microchipping can be found, here… [click here to continue reading about microchipping].

Vaccinating Your Weimaraner. By six months of age, your Barrett Weimaraner puppy should have completed their series of basic shots. If you recall, all other shots should have been deferred to a later time to not negatively impact your puppy’s system… [click here to continue reading this article].

Fencing Recommendations. The best Weimaraner homes include a large yard in an enclosed/fenced area so that dogs have room to stretch their legs, run, potty, and otherwise get some exercise in. The purpose of this article is to help potential/new Weimaraner owners figure out what kind of fencing to put up… [click here to continue reading this article].

How to Ship or Fly a Weimaraner Puppy. Let’s talk about flying your Weimaraner! Barrett Weimaraners fly all the time. LadyBug (2014 Torque x Friday) is probably our Frequent Flyer winner; she goes back and forth between California and Massachusetts all the time for dog shows, field trials, and breeding. LunaBot (2015 Bo x xMika) was also flown to Michigan and back to California for breeding. Blaise Pascal has also been to TX, MA, CA, WA, and AZ via airline cargo. So, how do you successfully get your dog on a flight to go somewhere? … [click here to continue reading this article].

Leash Walking Your Weimaraner. Let’s talk about leash walking! After all, it’s one of the first things you should be working on with your new Weimaraner puppy. If you have a Barrett puppy, you have a head start; your puppy was first exposed to the leash at around six weeks of age… [click here to continue reading this article].

Treats for Weimaraners. This just in: Puppies likes grapes! But did you know… that grapes aren’t good for dogs? Grapes contain compounds that, in large quantities, are bad for dogs. A few grapes won’t hurt your pup. But, here are some better foodstuffs around your house that would be a better choice… [click here to continue reading this article].

Foods that can make a Weimaraner Sick. The below list originally appeared in the May 16, 2014 issue of Home and Garden, and is posted here for reference purposes. Lots of people have pets and they treat them as an integral part of their family, but while there are foods that are safe and delicious for us, they might be dangerous for our pets. Some of them may just cause a stomach upset, but some of them can be fatal. Below you will find a list of common people foods to avoid feeding your pets. While no matter how cautious you are, your pet may still eat something it shouldn’t. If you suspect your pet has a food poisoning, contact your local vet or the closest emergency clinic. Find here the top common foods to avoid feeding your pet… [click here to continue reading this article].

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