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… Dogs who live at Barrett headquarters …

The below-listed dogs are my personal dogs and, when they’re not on the road in training, they live with me in my (super small, cozy, city) home.

Britta | Barrett’s Master of the House

DOB: March 17, 2009 - Britta Begging for Breakfast - 2012.PNGBritta is a Weimaraner. Maybe. No one really knows. The truth is, she was purchased from a newspaper ad and the “breeder” promised to send the AKC registration in the mail. This was long before we knew how to properly buy a dog. Of course, the papers never came. (A few months later, the phone was disconnected.) But she looks like a Weimaraner, so we’re sticking to it! Britta is spayed. She has no offspring. Her tail’s too long. Her coat’s too short. She broke a tooth once eating her crate. But she is our resident queen and has no problem taking the Auntie Britta role when it comes to raising Friday’s babies. She’ll also play with them, because, you know, Friday is too snotty to entertain her own children. #truestory

Friday | GCh Axel’s Reiteralm n’ Gun Run Gal Friday JH

DOB:August 15, 2008 | OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, Thyroid: Normal, HUU: (N/N) - Friday - Bird Work - Spring 2011Friday is the matriarch of the Barrett family and came to me from the estate of Virginia Alexander. Friday is also the little devil who is responsible for luring me into Weimaraner competition. [The back-story is that I was just looking for another pet and sister for Britta, and I somehow got talked into taking Friday on the condition that I showed her and then considered breeding her.] In three litters, Friday has blessed me with 23 beautiful puppies that have or will grow up to be just as special as she is. Friday is my heart dog; I can’t begin to tell you how hard I love her, but that’s another story for another day. In the meantime, let me just state for the record that I will forever be thankful to Holly McKnight and Anne Taguchi for allowing my gal Friday to come live with me, and also to Louise Brady, for gracefully handling and finishing Friday’s show career. 

Boulder | BIM GCh Knight n’ Barrett’s Pioneer Mountain Man

DOB: June 2, 2013 | OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, Thyroid: Normal, HUU: (N/N)

Career highlights: Best Dog at 2016 WCA Western Maturity, First Place Senior Futurity Dog at 2015 WCA Western Show Futurity/Maturity, Third Place at 2015 WCA National Field Futurity. - Boulder Man Barrett - December 2013 -150x150

Boulder Man Barrett was my Pick Dog out of the 2013 Max x Friday litter. From the time he was four weeks old, I knew this kid was special. In 2014, he earned his show Championship with three Majors in just six weekends out. A day shy of his first birthday, Boulder went off to Summer Camp with Terry Chandler, Sr. In May 2015, Boulder came home for awhile to make an appearance at his show Futurity. One week before his second birthday, he picked up his first BEST OF BREED ribbon at the Mission Circuit under Judge Clay Coady. In July 2015 Boulder earned his bench Grand Championship as well the First Place Senior Futurity Dog ribbon at the Western Futurity and Maturity in Portland, Oregon. In August 2015, with six breed wins under his belt in 2.5 months, Canine Chronicle had him listed as the #18 show Weimaraner. In September 2015 Boulder was ranked # 5 on the WCA Continuous Derby list, and then in December 2015, Boulder picked up a nice Third Place ribbon at the WCA National Field Futurity in Ardmore, OK. In July 2016, Boulder WON the 2016 WCA Western Best Dog in Maturity ribbon. Boulder is owned and loved by me when he is at home. At the shows, he is exclusively handled by Robert Scott. When on the road running the field trial circuit, he’s on the Rugerheim string. Note: Boulder is currently on the road with Terry Chandler/Rugerheim Kennels. We expect to see him again this winter in Ardmore, OK at the 2016 WCA National Field Trial.

Mika | Southpaw’s In the Red

DOB: April 28, 2011 | OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, Thyroid: Normal - Mika 2014In an effort to build the “field” side of our breeding program, Mika came to Barrett Weimaraners in April 2015. Under Project Mika, Anne (of Touchstone Weimaraners) and I flew Mika to Michigan to be bred to 2xNFC/FC ERBENHOF SnS BOOGIE WOOGIE BO. In August 2015, we delivered six healthy puppies who we later dubbed as the Autobot kids. Presently, four of the six kids are being raised as field-trial prospects. (See Luna, Hammer, Turbo and Ticon, below.) In 2016, we bred Mika to FC PM Trax Trigger Happy and delivered nine healthy puppies on July 2nd who we are dubbing as the “Americana Nine.” Once these kids leave the nest, Mamma Mika will be back with Warren Eizman working towards her Senior Hunting title.

Luna | Touchstone n’ Barrett’s Autobot Moonracer, NAVHDA NA PRIZE 1 (112)

DOB: August 8, 2015 | OFA: Too young - 2016-01-16 - Luna on Point 01Luna was Purple Girl out of the 2015 Project Mika Autobot litter. In October, I sent her to live with Carlos and Luna so she could “get away from the nest” for a little bit. A few weeks later, Luna was invited by Fox Studios to shoot a scene in a television mini-series, and in February, we caught a glimpse of her onscreen in the final episode of “American Crime Story,” featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson. (We also met Mr. Gooding, and can say with certainty that he’s a very, very nice guy.) In December 2015, Luna traveled over 2,500 miles (with littermate brother Turbo) to see her biological dad (2xNFC/FC ERBENHOF SnS BOOGIE WOOGIE BO) compete in Ardmore, OK at the 2015 WCA NAtional Field Trial. In April 2016, while still under the car of Carlos and Jana, Luna earned a perfect score in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test with Carlos. So far, Luna’s biggest asset is that she has a lot of point. Now, we’re looking to see if she has any run. This summer, Luna is in training at Summer Camp with Firestorm Bird Dogs/Warren Eizman in Anza, CA.

Tennessee | HighPoint’s Shotgun Boogie to Barrett

DOB: May 4, 2016 | OFA: Too young

www.barrettweimaraners.com_2016-06-29_TennesseeI’ve waited a long time for this baby girl to join the Barrett gang. Tennie is smart, sassy, bold, yet sweet and comes to me from friend and breeder, Lani Jones of HighPoint Weimaraners. While I’m at home raising puppies this summer, my friend Garret is raising her at his house in Laguna Beach, and I see her about once a week. Next month, we’re going to hike through Southern Utah together. In the fall, we’ll expose her to birds and see what we can do about getting her ready for the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test. When time permits, we’ll also see about getting her entered in the local show circuit. This one’s going to be fun to watch grow up!!


 … Team Barrett Weimaraners …

Since I live in a small house in the city, it’s not ideal/smart/possible for me to “keep a puppy” out of ever litter I produce. That’s where “Team Barrett” comes in. Team Barrett consists of people who own Barrett dogs and either do great things with them, or they allow me to borrow the dogs back and do great things on their behalf, all in the name of proving how outstanding these Weimaraners are. As adults, these dogs are evaluated for health, structure and temperament, and in some (but not all) cases, they’ll contribute to the overall Barrett breeding program.

Seren | Ch Silhouette’s Joy Ride

DOB: December 13, 2013 | Preliminary OFA Hips: Good, Thyroid: Normal, HUU: (N/N)

Owner: Gerald Moushey - Silhouette's Joy Ride - 2015-05-17Seren came to Team Barrett as a 5 month old puppy from longtime show breeders, Cindy and Bruce Cassidy of Silhouette Weimaraners. This little sweetheart debuted at the 2014 WCA Nationals in Long Beach, CA and quickly won over the audience with her charm. In May 2015, Seren finished her bench Championship, picking up both Majors in the same weekend. At the end of the year, Seren was bred to Royce, with eight puppies arriving February 15, 2016. As of this writing, all puppies (except for baby Graham!!!) have been sent to loving homes, and we expect to see PLENTY of them (Graham, Mona, Celeste, Eva, Roman, Marshall, and Riley) back in the show ring this fall.

Gracie | Ch Barrett’s Lady Grey (4 pts towards Field CH) 

DOB: April 15, 2014 | OFA Hips: Excellent, OFA Elbows: Normal

Owner: Erin Smith

2015-12_WCA-National-Field-Trial_Ardmore_Gracie_2nd-Place-DerbyGracie was “Lilac” out of the 2014 Max x Friday litter and, when at home, lives with her mamma Erin and sister Bug. When on the road, she hangs out with Terry Chandler, Sr. and her brother, Boulder. In April 2015, Gracie became the first-ever Barrett dog to be field pointed by winning an Open Puppy stake at a Northern New Mexico Brittany Trial. In April 2015, Gracie picked up another Puppy Point with her First Place ribbon at the WCA Western Classic in Madras, Oregon. By June 2015, Gracie had also picked up a few show points, once even going Best of Opposite Sex over Specials for her first Major (at the Del Monte Kennel Club shows in Carmel, CA). In July 2015, Gracie earned the Second Place Junior Futurity Bitch ribbon at the Western Futurity and Maturity in Portland, Oregon. In December 2015, she picked up a nice Second Place ribbon in the Open Derby stake at the WCA National Field Trial in Ardmore, OK. In June 2016, Gracie picked up her Third Major and finished her show career. Currently the only show- and field- pointed Barrett dog, Erin and I have very high expectations for little Miss Gracie!!!

Elliephant | Ch Barrett’s Star Elliephant Act 

DOB: October 8, 2014 | OFA: Too young

Owner: Mara Wildfeuer - Barrett's Star Elliephant Act - 2015-05-15 - Square

Elliephant was “Elliephant” out of the 2014 Torque x Friday litter (yes, creative name, we know). As a youngster, Ellie was bounced around, a LOT! This was intentional; we wanted her to be a well-rounded and well-adjusted little pup. And that, she is! At 7 months of age, Ellie became the third show-pointed pup out of the Circus Seven litter by picking up a 5-point Major in Vallejo, CA, with me on the other end of the lead. By May 2016, Ellie had completed her Show Championship with FOUR Majors (5pts, 4pts, 4pts, 3 pts). These days, Ellie is living in Northern CA with her half-sister Tule and human brother, Douglas. Mamma Mara has lots of big competition obedience and agility plans for her.

Bug | Barrett n’ Star’s Flying Spectacle NSD (Major show pointed – 14 pts)

DOB: October 8, 2014 | OFA: Too young

Owner: Erin Smith 2015-05-25 - - 2016-01-11 - Bug - Movement - SquareBug was “LadyBug” out of the 2014 Torque x Friday litter (yeah, we really did go there), and lives with Erin and Gracie. I have a special place in my heart for this one because not only is she the spitting image of Mamma Friday in the face, but she has Friday’s dark coat, too (which I really like). In September 2015, Bug and Erin made their debut in the ring together. In November 2015, Bug earned her Novice Shooting Ratings title! In December 2015, we took her to Ardmore, and Bug competed in the first-ever Walking Puppy stake at the WCA Field Trial. No ribbons, but lots of applause for being part of the inaugural group. In February 2016, Bug WON the 2016 WCA Western Classic Field Futurity, and in July, she followed that up with a Fourth Place in Intermediate Bitch ribbon in the 2016 WCA Western Futurity/Maturity. Next up for bug: back to Summer Camp with Terry Chandler!

Zanie | Ch Barrett N Star’s Under the Big Top

DOB: October 8, 2014 | OFA: Too young

Owner: Louise Brady 2015-06-027 - ZanieZanie was “BumbleBee” out of the 2014 Torque x Friday litter. As pick bitch, she went home to Mamma Louise (and pappa Torque and half-sister Squeak). At 6 months and 10 days, old, Zanie went Best of Breed over Specials from 6-9 month puppy class for her first Major! A month later, she picked up her second Major in Vallejo, CA. Zanie finished her bench championship easily at the age of 10 months. In February 2016, Zanie earned a Fourth Place in Open Derby ribbon at the Orange Coast Weimaraner Club’s Field Trial in Kingman, AZ. In July 2016, Zanie picked up a Second Place in Intermediate Bitch ribbon in the 2016 WCA Western Futurity/Maturity. On her “off weekends,” Zanie gets her bird work in with Mamma Louise and Craig Troncale out in Lancaster.

Jaeger | Ch Barrett’s Star Zirkusdirector 

DOB: October 8, 2014 | OFA: Too young

Owner: Alex Bolewski 2015-05-24 - JaegerJaeger was “Froggie” out of the 2014 Torque x Friday litter, and serves as a personal service dog for owner Alex in Tennessee. At 6 months and 10 days old, Jaeger picked up a Winners dog AND Best of Opposite Sex ribbon over three Specials under Judge Terry Stacey for his first Major. By July 2015, Jaeger had easily finished his bench championship under only eight judges and with FOUR MAJORs. Nowadays, Jaeger is his dad’s  best kickaround buddy, getting to come to work with him in Tennessee.


Stark | Ch Barrett N Touchstone’s Star Circus Monkey JH

DOB: October 8, 2014 | OFA: Too young

Owner: Carlos and Jana DeTevis

2015-02_StarkStark was “Monkey” out of the 2014 Torque x Friday litter, and lives with Carlos, Jana, and his canine sisters, Hannah and Sage in San Bernardino County. In September 2015, Stark finished his bench championship in Primm, Nevada, and just a couple of months later in December 2015, passed all four legs at the Vizsla Club’s double double hunt test to earn his Junior Hunter title. In July 2016, Stark earned a Fourth Place Intermediate Futurity Dog at the 2016 WCA Western Futurty/Maturity. These days, Stark’s in training with his pappa Carlos to become a fine hunting companion. Next, maybe we’ll see him run in his 2016 National Field Futurity in Ardmore?!

Ticon | Touchstone n’ Barrett’s Autobot Villain, NAVHDA PA PRIZE I (110)

DOB: August 8, 2015 | OFA: Too young

Owner: Halit Akgun - 2016-01-03 - 10Ticon was Orange Boy out of the 2015 Project Mika Autobot litter. At 8 weeks of age, he was placed with Halit in Orange County. By October, Ticon was out rock-climbing his with his dad, in November, he saw his first snow, and in December, he had his first big road trip to Utah. In January 2016, we began putting him on birds to get him ready for Puppy Stakes at the local field trials. In February 2016, Ticon was entered in his first field trial stake and did a respectable job. A couple months later, he earned a Prize I (110) in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test with Halit. These days, he’s in Summer Camp with Kim Sampson in Utah.

Turbo | Touchstone n’ Barrett’s Autobot Smokescreen, NAVHDA NA PRIZE 3 (102)

Hammer | Touchstone n’ Barrett’s Autobot Ride

DOB: August 8, 2015 | OFA: Too young

Owner: Project Mika - 2016-01-16 - Turbo on Point - 2016-01-16 - Hammer 01-001Turbo was Yellow Boy out of the 2015 Project Mika Autobot litter. It was clear from the get-go that this boy was special. In October, he left the nest to stay with Erin and Bug up in the mountains. In December, he traveled over 2,500 miles (with littermate sister Luna) to see his biological dad (2xNFC/FC ERBENHOF SnS BOOGIE WOOGIE BO) compete in Ardmore, OK at the 2015 WCA NAtional Field Trial. In April 2016, he earned a Prize III in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test with Garret. This season, he’s a Summer Camp with Diane Vater in Michigan. Litter-mate brother Hammer was Green Boy out of the 2015 Project Mika Autobot litter and is currently spending his summer at camp in Utah with Kim Sampson. More photos of Hammer are located, here.

Graham Barrett’s Love is a Happy Home

DOB: February 15, 2016 | OFA: Too young

Owner: Joel and Kamie Kendricks


As a youngster, Graham was the Blue Boy out of the 2016 Royce x Seren litter and known online as “The Jumbo Jet.” When the time came to send everyone home at eight weeks, I just couldn’t part with this little guy. In the spring, Graham went to stay with Mara (Ellie’s owner) while I had Ellie at my house for a string of shows. With Mara’s report that Graham was a lovely lovely boy, the search was ON to find him a forever home that would let me borrow him back for a string of dog shows if he grew up to be a beautiful boy. So far so good, so expect to see this little tike in the show ring Autumn 2016!

Last updated: August 2016

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