Weim Funnies

Just a few “Weim funnies” I’ve collected over time. Cheers!

www.trailingfriday.com - National Dog Day 2014

August 26, 2014: National Dog Day

www.barrettweimaraners.com - 2014-04-11 - Six Dogs

The fine print: only three of them are mine. 🙂

www.barrettweimaranres.com - Lola and Boulder - 2014-04-01.PNG

April Fools.

www.barrettweimaraners.com - 2014-03 - Boulder and the Sofa

Alternative caption: “I hate my puppy sometimes.” I’ bought this chair with one of my first checks from my first “real job” after graduating from college. It survived two cats and two other Weimaraners… but not Boulder!

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