Base Camp Weimaraners Announces the Arrival of the Spring 2019 Echo x Gracie Litter

Last summer, Erin and I bred Gracie. Four weeks in, our vet confirmed via ultrasound that puppies were coming.

At eight weeks, the x-ray showed nothing.

Heartbroken and disappointed, we understood that it just wasn’t meant to be.

So we tried again. And this time, Mother Nature blessed us with six perfect little nuggets!!!!!!!!!

YEARS went into this breeding.

First, we had to understand where Gracie came from, what she was all about, and what she needed to be bred to if we wanted to improve on what we had.

Then, we scoured the country to find a stud dog that might have what she needed.

And after that, we relied on our network to make it happen. This would not be possible without the help of friends EVERYWHERE. Hundreds of miles were driven to make this a reality. THANK YOU!!! ❤️

Now the work begins. Erin and I will be hanging onto these kids for as long as we need to in order to determine whether or not our plan was a success. There will be no “stacking for show” at seven weeks or “going home at eight weeks.” This litter is way bigger than that.

It will be months, or even years, before we’ll know what we have. Thousands of dollars will be invested.

Shit, thousands of dollars have ALREADY been invested.

We will NEVER make that back.

And it’s okay, because we’re not in this for the money (although it would be nice to avoid filing for bankruptcy because of dogs🤣).

For us, right now, it is our attempt at making better gray dogs. Those that can hang with the big kids, any breed, anywhere.

We may fail.

We might succeed.

We WILL be poor.

But we’re committed to the Weimaraner breed. And we’ll give it all we got. ❤️

Welcome, babies.

– Kim, Barrett Weimaraners
– Erin, Base Camp Weimaraners

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