Boulder Town Welcomes the Tennessee Litter

Tennessee and her people (Kim of Barrett Weimaraners, Garret of Boulder Town Weimaraners, and Lani Jones of HighPoint Weimaraners are pleased to announce the safe arrival of five boys and one girl. The Blaise x Tennessee puppies arrived in Boulder, Utah, on Easter Sunday.

The purpose of this outcross breeding (the COI over 10 generations is 6.248%) is to produce the next generation of healthy Weimaraners who are both pretty enough to do well in AKC conformation (dog shows), but also talented enough to do well as hunting or service dogs. As companion dogs, we expect them to be loyal, family-oriented, protective, and east-going.

The litter will be raised by Barrett Weimaraners in Cedar City, Utah. Puppies will be evaluated for temperament and structure at seven weeks and placed accordingly. More information about the sire and dam for this litter can be viewed, here.

For those of you who have already been notified about a puppy from this litter, please keep following this page for photo updates.

Otherwise, we are very sorry; the interest list is now closed. Please inquire with us if you would consider bringing a puppy home in late Summer 2019.

Below, a micro-blog of the Blaise x Tennessee litter.

Day 0 (Sunday, April 21st). Garret called me around 10:00 PM from Boulder, Utah, and said that puppies were imminent. We weren’t expecting them for a few more days so I wasn’t really prepared. In fact, I was in bed and halfway asleep. After throwing some shoes on and doing a rapid pack job (including puppy formula, bottles, tubes, collars, stickers, rags, towels, blankets, etc.) I got in the car and blew out of town. Three hours later, I arrived in Boulder. Garret was watching television next to Tennessee’s whelping nest. With her were FIVE BOYS. BOYS!!! ALL OF THEM!!!

Did you know that the old wives’ tale is that if you breed early, you get a bunch of girls, and if you breed late, you get a bunch of boys?

It appears we bred late. Based on the calendar, Tennessee must have ovulated a couple of days before she was bred. That means that if those eggs weren’t fertilized right away, they would have expired and we would have missed the cycle altogether. That also explains why they came earlier than expected, and why we had a bunch of boys!! The theory is that male sperm swim faster, but female sperm last longer. So if you breed late, and eggs are already ripe, it’s the male sperm that will get to the finish line, first.

Five boys.

By 3:30 AM, Tennessee was still panting, but not not contracting, so I congratulated Garret on his five boys and put myself to sleep in his guest room.

Day 1 (Monday, April 22nd). At 9:30 AM, I woke up to the sunlight blasting the room. I tiptoed back into Garret’s room, where I found him in the same chair, watching Tenn and her babies. At that moment, he proclaimed, “WE GOT OUR GIRL!!!!!”

Puppy # 6, a beautiful, big girl, made her way into the world at 4:00 AM. Garret was still awake to welcome her. We celebrated by going into town and having breakfast at Hell’s Backbone Grill. Then we went back to the house and hung out for a bit before I loaded up Tenn and her babies and drove them back to Cedar City.

Day 3 (Wednesday, April 24th). We had to replace the collars today because everyone hulked out of their birth collars. And yep, they’re gaining weight everyday, too. They’re growing so fast that they’re already losing their stripes!!! Tenn continues to be an amazing mother. She’s very doting, and is attentive to every movement, every little cry. She’s in the box for 24 hours/day, only getting out to eat, drink, and potty. A total natural, this girl.

DAY 4 (Thursday, April 25th). BREAKING NEWS. There’s a big-time event happening up in Washington State this week. To be specific, it’s the WCA’s Western Classic and Field Futurity. In short, it’s a regional event held once a year to showcase field trial dogs. In the three juvenile categories that were offered, GCH CH Trax Blaise Pascal JH, “Blaise,” sired two-thirds of the dogs that earned placements. That’s a pretty freaking big deal. And these are siblings to this litter!! In short, should you choose to hunt over your dog, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll do pretty well. Mamma Mango would also like to remind everyone that she also has a placement at a National field trial event. So her abilities are nothing to sneeze at, either.

DAY 6 (Saturday, April 27th). Hello from Lancaster, California!!! I’m here this weekend with “The Towers Group,” which is a collective of friends who get together under the SoCal Edison power lines off of Avenue D to train our dogs up for the local AKC Field Trials. What are field trials? Why are they important? If you have some free time, there’s an article about it here. Note that this litter WASN’T bred for field trialing, so don’t worry, there aren’t any expectations that you come out here at the crack of dawn every weekend to train with us. 🙂

DAY 8 (Monday, April 29th). I volunteer a lot of time for Weimaraner rescue and ended up driving across Southern California all day on Sunday (Lancaster to Irvine to Oceanside to Tustin to Rancho Cucamonga to Corona to Escondido and then back to Ontario). As a result, I didn’t get home until late on Monday evening, but the first thing I did was check on all the puppies. Tennessee’s puppies doubled in size!!! And I think I’m seeing some really beautiful heads emerge. No eyes open yet, but I expect them to in the next few days.

DAY 9 (Tuesday, April 30th). The little potatoes are growing like weeds. Tenn is being a VERY GOOD MOM; she’s still in the box with them 24 hours/day. She only gets up to eat and potty, and then it’s right back to the box again. As a result, her kids are well fed, plump, and quiet. We switched out their collars again because they got tight over the weekend.

DAY 11 (Thursday, May 2nd). One last photo of cuddling puppies before I go out of town for the weekend. On this weekend’s agenda is a Saturday morning training session, and then a whole day of volunteering for Weimaraner rescue on Sunday to transport dogs. We’ll be back on late Monday and plan to share some more photos on Tuesday!

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