Breeding Program

A lot of people (myself included) find that Weimaraners are stunningly beautiful.

Unfortunately, they’re also stereotyped as dogs who can be high strung, clingy, and anxious. They can also have a myriad of health problems.

On a macro level, my mission is to change the stereotype. My hope is that in the not too distant future, when people think of Weimaraners, their first reaction won’t be “I hear they’re destructive!” but instead, “aren’t they the best dogs, ever?!”

To me, they are the best dogs ever. But I don’t disagree that the breed has issues; therefore breeding has to be selective in order to preserve the beautiful Weimaraner.

I breed to better the Weimaraner.

To do that, all dogs within my breeding program are extensively assessed for health, history, temperament, brains and beauty before even being considered as breeding prospects. For me, I have peace of mind in knowing that I’m producing the best Weimaraners possible. For the new puppy owner, you have some reassurance in knowing that someone put a lot of thought into breeding your puppy so it has the best chances of leading a long, healthy, happy life.

If you’re ready for a Barrett puppy, please follow the prompts, here. Thanks!

Last updated: November 2017 - July 2013 374Max and Friday Puppy from Spring/Summer 2013. Yellow Girl at 6 Weeks Old. Now living a craft-brew life with Stephanie in mid-town Sacramento.

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