2016 Rossi x Mika Litter – The Americana Nine Category


Rossi x Mika: A Journal of the First Month

Hello, prospective owners of the Rossi x Mika owners! Before we get into the daily updates, let’s pause for a moment to acknowledge how exciting this breeding is. On the heels of Mika’s 2015 AUTOBOT litter, we’re very, very excited to welcome this next Americana batch, who, like their older brothers and sisters, should grow up…


Rossi x Mika: Announcing the Arrival of Nine Puppies

Announcing the arrival of NINE Rossi x Mika puppies!!! Mamma and kiddos (five girls and four boys) are doing great. Puppies out of this litter were bred for endurance and speed; we expect for them to do great things, including but not limited to hunting, running, swimming, retrieving, and otherwise being a wonderful, ACTIVE addition to the families…

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