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Project Mika – One Year Later

Hello, friends! We are now one year into Project Mika, so it’s time for an update about the “Autobot Six.” In December 2015, Blue Boy was placed as a pet and “Cooper” now lives in Central CA with his parents, Chris and Lindsey. In March 2016, Pink Girl was placed as a pet and “Cali” now…


The Autobot Kids go to the San Diego Brittany Club Walking Field Trial

Over Halloween weekend, four of the Autobot kids (Pink/Cali, Purple/Luna, Orange/Ticon, and Yellow/Turbo) reunited out in California City for a little fun in the sun. Other Barrett dogs here this weekend were Stark and Bug. Officially, we were here to cheer on Stark’s sister Sage (Touchstone’s Sage Surprise) in the open derby stake, but unofficially, we…


The Autobot Six: They All Go Home

Eight weeks flies by! The Bo x Mika pups joined their new homes this weekend! We had such a great time raising the litter and are looking forward to seeing these kiddos do some great things in the field! In birth order… Blue Collar Boy, Touchstone n’ Barrett’s Autobot Guard, “Chip,” with co-breeder Kim Green Collar…

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