2015 Bo x Mika Litter Category


The Autobot Six: They All Go Home

Eight weeks flies by! The Bo x Mika pups joined their new homes this weekend! We had such a great time raising the litter and are looking forward to seeing these kiddos do some great things in the field! In birth order… Blue Collar Boy, Touchstone n’ Barrett’s Autobot Guard, “Chip,” with co-breeder Kim Green Collar…


The Arrival of Bo and Mika Puppies

Mika’s one for doing things “her” way. On Saturday afternoon, she blessed us with six gorgeous puppies… about 3 days ahead of schedule. Everyone’s healthy and robust. Welcome, kids!!! Here’s how it went down: Mika: Lemme out, I need to potty. Me: Sure thing. [Elapsed time: 90 seconds.] …and then I see Mika squatting on…


Bo x Mika: Puppies on board!

We’re thrilled to announce that Mika is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound. That means we’re expecting a litter of Bo x Mika puppies to arrive in August 2015. (!!!) Puppies come with a five year guarantee against hereditary, genetic and congenital illnesses. There are other details too, but we’ll get into those later. If you think you might be interested…

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