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Introducing Mango

Formerly introducing SMOKEY TOPAZ N’ BARRETT’S SANTA MARGARITA PEAK. !!! Little Mango comes to Barrett Weimaraners as a gift to us for allowing our stud dog, Boulder, to sire Jim and DebE’s latest litter of Smokey Topaz Weimaraners, and finally earned herself a name on our 11th (😱) Trailing Friday Road Trip when she decided to finish…


Where Are They Now – Winter 2017 Edition

An update on Trailing Friday/Barrett Weims. And, sincerest GRATITUDE to all the owners, handlers, trainers, babysitters, dog walkers, emotional supporters, and the community who support us. And them. Cheers to more greatness in 2017!!! ❤️ ———————— Dogs we’re on the hook for (10). BRITTA (2009 Undocumented x Unverified). Seven years old. Queen of the house….

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