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The Components of a Good Breeder

A question was asked this morning on the “Preservationists of Purebred and Purposefully Bred Dogs” Facebook group: If you could narrow it down, please explain to us two components that you believe make you a good breeder. And likewise, what makes someone substandard?  The Barrett answer, below. … 1) Having a master breeding program that…


Barrett Breeding Program

A lot of people (myself included) find that Weimaraners are stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately, they’re also stereotyped as dogs who can be high strung, clingy, and anxious. They can also have a myriad of health problems. On a macro level, my mission is to change the stereotype. My hope is that in the not too distant future,…


The Importance of a Field Trial Weimaraner

Our breed standard indicates that a Weimaraner is “a medium-sized gray dog, with fine aristocratic features. He should present a picture of grace, speed, stamina, alertness and balance. Above all, the dog’s conformation must indicate the ability to work with great speed and endurance in the field.” We think a really great way to show great speed…

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