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Prospective Owners

The below set of articles is intended to provide the future Weimaraner puppy owner with additional information about the Weimaraner breed, the Barrett breeding philosophy, getting a puppy, and other stuff to browse through as time allows. As always, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, anytime.

The Weimaraner Breed:

Getting a Puppy:

Preparing for a Puppy:

Current Owners

The below set of articles is intended to provide the existing Weimaraner puppy owner with information about raising a puppy, and other stuff to browse through as time allows.

Raising a Puppy: Please also take a look at the Health and Wellness section below.

Health and Wellness:




Notable Essays:

Please find below a few links to help you navigate through the world of Weimaraners.

For those who are looking for puppies:

Articles for Potential Puppy Owners | This is a collection of articles I’ve posted for people who would like some help getting started.

Definition and Hazards of Puppy Mills | Written by the folks at Canis Major.

Recommended reading:

Weimaraner Ways, by Virginia Alexander. This book was written by my girl’s breeder, Ms. Virginia Alexander. If you’re only to own ONE book about Weimaraners, make this be the one. It’s FULL of Weimaraner specific information that you simply cannot get in just any book. I own this book and am happy to show it to you, but my copy is autographed so I’m not willing to lend it out. 🙂

Weimaraners, by Judythe Coffman. This book is a bit outdated, but it still has useful Weimaraner-specific information in it. I also own this book, and I’m happy to lend it out.

101 Dog Tricks, by Krya Sundance. A must-have for puppy owners; it’s a great book for bonding with your puppy and teaching her a few good tricks!

Your New Weimaraner Puppy: How to Survive the First Six Months, by Anne Taguchi and Meredith Wadsworth. This manual is written specifically for new Weimaraner puppy owners. Every Barrett puppy comes home with one of these, but if you’d like to buy a copy, please do so!

Local dog training facilities:

Jump Start Dog Sports, Yorba Linda, CA. I’ve taken a few conformation and obedience classes here with my dogs, and highly recommend the knowledge and expertise at this full-service facility. (Friday and LunaBelle have been here.)

Wags and Wiggles, Tustin and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. We haven’t trained our dogs at this facility, but we have sent them here for daycare and weekend boarding when we’re out of town. (Britta and Wally been here.)

Penny Scott-Fox, Pasadena, CA. Jasper/Orange Boy from our 2013 litter and his parents have been enrolled in a few of Penny’s classes. Penny comes highly recommended from Jasper’s family. (Jasper has been  here.)

Favorite time sucks:

The Dog Snobs | It’s a great way to pass an afternoon when I’m feeling judgmental… hey, it happens.

Informational links for dog owners:

The Whole Dog Journal | Particularly useful for troubleshooting dog problems.

American Kennel Club | The national dog website for the United States.

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association | A group for hunting/bird dogs.

Steady with Style | A site dedicated to the West/Gibbons/Lindley method of training pointing dogs the low pressure, quiet way.

LiveWatch | An overview about microchipping your pet.

Recommended Southern California veterinarians:

Orange County:

  • PetPoint Medical Center and Resort. Irvine. Dr. Kathy Wentworth, DVM.
    • Barrett dogs in their care: Blaise Pascal, LadyBug, Mango
  • Integrative Veterinary Health Center. Dr. Robert Woods, DVM. Orange. Click here to download the new patient form. (This vet used to practice with Dr. Kali and has since moved on. He sees a lot of local Weimaraners.)
    • Barrett dogs in their care: Graham, Eva, Sookie and Marshall
  • North Tustin Veterinary Clinic. Tustin. Dr. Kali, DVM. New clients get 50% off the first exam. Click here to download the new client form.
    • Barrett dogs in their care: Britta, Friday, and Boulder
  • Orange Canyon Pet Clinic. Orange. Dr. Kristen Murphy, DVM and Dr. John Black, DVM.
  • Brook-Ellis Pet Hospital. Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley. Dr. Heidi Tschauner, DVM.
    • Barrett dogs in their care: Heinrich, and Wally
  • Newport Beach Veterinary Clinic. Newport Beach. Dr. Jeffrey S. Cohen, DVM, DACVIM.
    • Barrett dogs in their care: Seren

Los Angeles County:

  • Rose City Vets. Pasadena. Dr. Dana Bleifer, DVM. (This is Jasper’s vet.) New clients receive a FREE Initial Wellness Office Visit ($50 value).
    • Barrett dogs in their care: Jasper. This is also Friday, Boulder, LadyBug, and Stark’s reproductive specialist/vet.

Recommended Southern Utah veterinarians:

Other recommended veterinarians with reproductive services:

  • Cottonwood Animal Hospital.  Dr. Rob Bagley, DVM. 6360 S Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84121. Telephone: 801-893-2580
    • Barrett dogs in their care: Tennessee

Additional informational links for Weimaraner enthusiasts:

Just Weimaraners | Just like it sounds, an entire website dedicated just for Weimaraner owners.

Weimaraner Addict | A forum for Weimaraner addicts.

Weimaraner Club of America | The national club website for the United States.

Orange Coast Weimaraner Club | A club for Weimaraner owners in Southern California. This club hosts field trials.

Southland Weimaraner Club | Another club site for Weimaraner owners in Southern California. This club hosts annual conformation/show specialties.

Local Weimaraner rescues:

California Weimaraner Education and Rescue | Southern California

Friends for Pets| Southern California

Northern California Weimaraner Rescue | Northern California

Links for the dog show novices:

Introduction to Conformation/Bench Dog Shows | A very informative post by the folks at Aldemar Weimaraners.

Becoming a Better Conformation/Bench Owner/Handler | An article by Christi McDonald

Websites for the dog show geeks:

Canine Chronicle | It’s gonna be a cool day when my dogs are featured on this site.

Please click here to connect with a few Southern California Weimaraner breeders. 

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