How to Fix Leash Aggression in Weimaraners

My dog becomes very aggressive towards other dogs when we’re outside walking on a leash. There’s no problem when she’s at a dog park or other off-leash place. How do I curb this behavior?

The behavior is called leash aggression, or leash-reactivity.

This happens when Weimaraners (dogs of all breeds, actually) react, over over-react to other dogs who approach them while they’re on a leash.

Consider taking an obedience class with your Weimaraner (or another one, if you’ve done one already), and work with a trainer who will teach you how to redirect your dog’s behavior. In a nutshell, reward behaviors you want to see (walking past a dog without getting reactive) and correct behaviors you DON’T want to see (reactivity).

Please note that Weimaraners don’t respond well to punishment, yelling, or other non-positive reinforcement.

Best of luck, and please contact me if you need additional troubleshooting!

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