Journal Entry about Jyn Erso

Day two of being snowed in.

Having nowhere to go and nothing to do gives a breeder LOTS to think about. 🤣

Back in 2014/2015, the Barrett breeding program took a couple of unexpected turns. In short, I had to wash out what I thought was going to be my next generation. It almost killed me. And I spent the next few years looking closely at everything I produced, thinking to myself, “Are you the next one?”

In 2017, Mango came along and took up permanent residence in the household. I told Barry, then, “we have room for ONE more… I won’t know when, I don’t know from where… but when I meet her, I’ll know.”

The thing about breeding is, you have to do it so often, to see so many dogs, to have your hands on so much, to know what you value. Beyond producing a gray dog of a certain height, coat length, and aptitude for hunting birds, there’s a lot of wiggle room. A LOT. And of all of us who call ourselves “Weimaraner breeders,” none of us are wrong.

In a way, I’m thankful for all the left turns. Each one gave me an opportunity to evaluate, re-evaluate, and do some tweaking. Compounded by having access to so much over time (including fostering over 100 CalWEAR dogs, most from unknown origins), I’m finally honing I’m on what I like, and what I want to produce going forward.


“JYNNI” (2019 Swede x LadyBug) is pretty much a dream come true. Over the last week or so of being home with her, and now, snowed in with her, I’ve found myself staring at her on a couple of occasions, “MY GAWD, YOU ARE LOVELY.”

For starters, she has an excellent disposition. And beautiful head on her shoulders. Has never met anyone she didn’t like. She loads. Unloads. Barks when necessary, never more. Understands her place in the pack. Stands up for herself, but isn’t dominant. Resilient. Forgiving. Inquisitive. Learns quickly. Not sensitive. Enjoys being alone. Snuggly. And best of all, she reminds me of my heart dog, her grandmother Friday. It may sound dumb, but for me, the relation is meaningful.

Breeding isn’t done in a vacuum. Jynni is the direct result of Julie Aune (Luxe Weimaraners) and Sue Thomas (Camelot Weimaraners) allowing me to use their boy, Swede. In her pedigree are also other influential Weimaraner kennels; Reiteralm, Smokey City, Valmar, and Colsidex, to name a few. A huge thank you to every single breeder along the way who worked to preserve the Weimaraner as we know it today.

For those of you with Barrett dogs, thank you for being a part of the family. For those on the list in 2020, know that great plans are underway. And for everyone else who is here because you love Weimaraners too, thank YOU!!!

And now, it’s time to wash the next round of doggie blankets. I’m shocked we still have power!!! 😊

– With love and gratitude, Kim ❤️

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