Kelibek’s Training Debut

Last Saturday, we were invited out to a training day/mock trial. I brought Mango and Kelibek.

Y’all know Mango. Otherwise known as “Barry’s new puppy.” But who’s Kelibek?!

Kelibek was bred by Holly McKnight and Dawna Miller, and is a 9 month old puppy who lives with Jeannette in Riverside. Jeannette is a friend I originally met through CalWEAR. Once upon a time, she adopted a stray Weimaraner (fun fact: this was FIRST dog CalWEAR ever placed) and loved him until the day he crossed the rainbow bridge. After Kopek, Jeannette asked me to find her a Barrett dog. Since I didn’t have any litters of my own last year, I trusted Holly to find Jeannette a puppy for me. Enter Kelibek! Her parents (Timber x Sophie) are proven hunting dogs, so I suspected this girl might have some natural bird-sense. I didn’t, however, expect to see so much drive, desire, and RUN on her first day out on birds. The Garmin had her tracked over 850 yards, chasing after pigeon.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe this isn’t a fluke, and that next week, we can run her off of horseback. We have less than two months to see if we can get her ready for her Field Futurity. Can we do it?!?!

Already looking forward to our next outing!

Kelibek on birds
The rest of the dogs at training today

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