L&L Weimaraners Welcomes the Blaise x Elleven Litter

BLAISE x ELLEVEN PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED IN SOUTHERN CA!!!!! (Click here to view for information on both Blaise and Elleven.)

And now, another story. 😊

We had our first litter in 2013 under the mentorship and guidance of folks who have since become lifelong friends.

Over the years, we’ve immersed ourselves in anything and everything that has to with Weimaraners. What’s a dog show? Okay, we’ll participate in one. What’s a field trial? Yeah, we’ll go to one. How do you ride a horse? How does one even get ON this creature?! 😬

By getting involved, we learned a lot. Along the way we met some really great people. And then we made sure that the most promising puppies out of every litter went to homes that made an earnest commitment to get involved, too.


Brent and Amanda traveled two hours just to have coffee with me one day. We talked dogs. Then we traded a bunch of emails. Then I invited Brent out to a field trial. Then I spit out my beer when he actually came. !!!!!!!!!

Fast forward to today. Brent and Amanda own a Barrett-bred dog and her puppies are three days old. And I’m giving myself a pat on the back for bringing in the next generation. 😁

In this era of #adoptdontshop, preservation breeders have the hardest time we’ve ever had, EVER, to educate the public about our purpose. Even harder, is coaching in the next class so we don’t die off altogether. There is no shortcut for the time it takes to teach someone everything you know, and not everyone makes it to the summit. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you Brent and Amanda for joining #teambarrett, being an active part of the family, and choosing to preserve the Weimaraner breed. ❤️Congratulations on your first home-bred litter!!! Your mission for the next eight weeks is to overload us all with pics!!!! If you fail, we can’t be friends anymore. 😆

For those of you who have already expressed interest in Elleven’s puppies, and we’ve already traded emails, we’ll be contacting you in the next couple of days. 👍If you are bringing one home, please follow our Facebook page for updates from Brent.

Otherwise, we are very sorry; the interest list is now closed.

– Kim, Barrett Weimaraners
– Brent and Amanda, L&L Weimaraners

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