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Meet Pebbles! Pebbles was “Yellow Girl” out of the 2016 Boulder x Seren litter, born on Wednesday, August 17, 2016. Both of her parents were show dogs, and dad also has a field trial career. As of this writing, she is one week shy of five months old. Pebbles is happy, healthy, and up-to-date on her puppy shots (minus rabies).

Below is a Q&A series so you can understand why Pebbles is looking for a new home. If I didn’t answer all of your questions, please feel free to email me directly at trailingfriday [at] gmail [dot] com.

Why is Pebbles available? When I breed, it’s for a very specific purpose. In my 2016 Boulder x Seren litter, I was looking for the next generation of very competitive show dogs. In the litter of nine, I “held back” three puppies; Orange Boy, Navy Girl, and Yellow Girl, because they were my top contenders. The other six were placed into pet homes at the age of 8 weeks. Now that I’ve had some more time with the remaining puppies, I’ve officially placed Orange Boy into a show-prospect home. Navy Girl is clearly a beautiful dog with a lot of potential, so for now, she’s staying with me. That means her sister, Yellow Girl, who I currently call “Pebbles,” is available to live out her days in someone else’s home. Simply put, I picked Navy Girl over Yellow Girl.

What is it about Pebbles that isn’t as good as “Navy Girl?” Size. Pebbles in her own right is a pretty dog and she’ll grow up to be in the Weimaraner breed standard, but she’s “smaller” and “more refined” than I like my show girls to be.

What is Pebbles like as a dog? Pebbles is dominant, smart, sassy, spunky, friendly, and outgoing. I call her my little monkey because she LOVES to climb ANYTHING she can get her feet on. For example, I’ve raised about 50 puppies in my house over the last few years, and Pebbles is the ONLY one consistently climbs to the top of my baby grand piano.

Any negative personality traits? She’s very fast… you almost can’t catch her. And she barks. She’s a “talker” when she’s not getting her way.

What kind of training and socialization has Pebbles received? I socialize the snot out of every puppy I raise. In short, Pebbles has traveled about 4,000 miles by car (she went with me to Oklahoma in December), met at least 200 people of all different ages and sizes, and seen more than 100 different dogs. In the car, she is accustomed to riding both in a crate in the back, or in a dog bed in the front or backseat. When we hit the road, she curls up and goes to sleep. Pebbles has not been through any sort of “formal” training/obedience class, but she is trained to walk on a leash. She is also crate-trained and housebroken.

What is she eating? Pebbles is currently eating 2 cups of Castor and Pollux Chicken and Brown Rice, two times a day. Occasional snacks and treats in between. Some rawhides throughout the day. Zero food allergies and no known sensitivities/intolerances.

What are Pebbles’ mom and dad like? Seren (mom) is independent and easy-going. Loves to play fetch and retrieve balls, run through creeks, and chase birds. Boulder (dad) is a confident, bold and fearless bird-hunting machine. He’s friendly with social with everyone he meets, but won’t hesitate to bark at someone knocking on the door.

What is the ideal new home for Pebbles like? I would love for Pebbles to be in a home with another dog. Alternatively, it would be super if she had access to other dogs on an occasional basis, because she’s a very social dog, and has LOVED being in the company of others at my house. Pebbles currently sleeps in a crate every night (because her grandmother Friday gets the bed every night) but if her new home elected to have her in bed, I’m sure she would love that. (She loved snuggling with me when I took her on a road trip to Oklahoma back in December). You can feed her whatever you want, she’s got a solid tummy and doesn’t have any food allergies. Overall, a lifestyle that includes her in and out of your daily routine would be super. Bonus points if you decide to do AKC agility and obedience events with her.

When is Pebbles available to go to her new home? Sometime on or after February 17, 2016.

If Pebbles goes to another family, when might you have another puppy available for us? The next litter is planned for Autumn 2017.

How do I get considered as Pebbles’ future family? Fill out the prospective owner form and let me know at the bottom of the form that you’re specifically interested in Pebbles. Once I get it, I’ll holler back and we can go from there.

Thanks! – Kim

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