Playtime in Kingman, Arizona

Holly and John invited the puppies and I out to Kingman, AZ, for a weekend of playtime in the desert. We also got Miss Luna onto birds for the first time to see what she would do. She LOVED it! Just a few photos below from our quick weekend trip:

[Note – all photos were taken with my iPhone since I neglected to charge my real camera and it died before I could use it.] - IMG_6786.PNG

The drive out. Both puppies slept the WHOLE WAY! 5+ hours. -IMG_7317.PNG

Just me, myself, and I on the road. And a lot of static on the radio. Bliss.

Friday evening: I rolled onto the ranch in the late afternoon, and we had just a few minutes to play with the dogs before it got dark. -IMG_6841

Boulder. -IMG_6853.PNG

More Boulder. -IMG_6831

John Nelssen and Boulder. -IMG_6827

Sunset on the ranch. Beautiful, eh? -IMG_6825

Another shot. Couldn’t help myself. -IMG_6983

Ashley. -IMG_6971

Ashley. -IMG_6968

Ashley. -IMG_6893

Luna. -IMG_6876

Luna. -IMG_6874

Another sunset shot. -IMG_6870

John and Holly’s new puppy, Diva.

Saturday morning: We drove out to Hubby Grounds Ranch (the site of the recent 2014 WCA Western Classic) to play with some more birds: -IMG_7017

Baby girl Diva in the car. -IMG_7023

Baby girl Diva on stakeout! -IMG_7031

All the dogs on stakeout… waiting their turn to play. -IMG_7043

Three of the seven puppies out of the 2013 Max x Friday litter. Ashley, Luna, and Boulder. -IMG_7051

Luna and sister Ashley. -IMG_7057

Luna. -IMG_7061

Luna and Boulder. -IMG_7064

More Luna and Boulder. -IMG_7072

BoMan, the clown! -IMG_7108.PNG

Luna all stacked up. -IMG_7110

John working with Luna. -IMG_7115

Luna. -IMG_7122

Boulder coming out to greet Luna. -IMG_7125

Found: unknown footprints. Desire to meet the owner: NONE. -IMG_7129

Luna. -IMG_7138

Boulder waiting his turn. -IMG_7151

Boulder ANXIOUSLY waiting his turn. -IMG_7154

Watching the others. -IMG_7165

Very patient. -IMG_7177

Ashley. -IMG_7179

Ashley on the run. -IMG_7186

Baby Diva just wants out. -IMG_7210

Baby Diva getting her turn! -IMG_7229

Sassy! -IMG_7265

Luna and Ashley.

We all had an awesome weekend.

Also, it’s never too late to get your dog started in the field. Holler if you’d like to join us sometime.

Lastly, thank you Holly and John for hosting us!!!

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