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Thank you for your potential interest in a Barrett puppy! 

If Weimaraners are new to you, please research the Weimaraner breed standard. Then take a look at what life is like with my Weimaraners, here. Can you see yourself living with one?! Interview a few Weimaraner breeders who are local to your area. Ask them what it’s like to live with their dogs; their experiences might be different than mine. Be sure to ask them some technical questions, too, like these. If you decide after your research that a Weimaraner isn’t for you, consider a few other breeds that might fit your lifestyle a little bit better. For those interested in a hunting companion or competition prospect, please reach out directly so we can talk about what might be or become available. - Autumn and Winter 2013

Just a few photos of the dogs around the house, around town, and on weekend getaways.

Additional information:

Barrett Weimaraners are thoroughly evaluated for prospective owners. Every breeding part of a carefully planned breeding program. Puppies are graded for temperament, ability and structure before they are eight weeks old; those that are selected as candidates for our next generation of Weimaraners are reserved either for ourselves or for peers who commit to the advancement of the Weimaraner. Those puppies not earmarked for such will generally be available for selection by companion/pet families.

Companion/pet dogs are sold on non-breeding contracts and may not be bred. If you think you might want to breed your dog someday, let’s talk. In the event we mutually agree that your dog is a good breeding candidate, let’s make that happen together with guidance, mentorship, and support. Until then, breach of this agreement will result in legal action.

You may not re-home your dog. It’s my goal to be sustainable for every puppy I breed, and that means keeping them OUT of the pound/shelter/rescue network. I realize, however, that despite our best efforts, sometimes, unforeseen life events happens, and a Barrett puppy owner may find themselves unable to take care of their dog. It could be a lifestyle change, lack of available time for a dog, a move across the country. There’s also babies, divorces, untimely deaths… It happens, and that’s okay. There’s no judgment, but the Purchase Agreement for your dog will stipulate that the dog must come back to me, the breeder. 

Barrett puppies are not inexpensive. More about that, here. In summary, blood, sweat, and tears go into every litter produced, but getting a Barrett pup means you become a part of the Barrett family, and that comes with a lifetime of support, guidance, and friendship. 

I realize this philosophy doesn’t work for everyone; that’s totally fine. If the above doesn’t work for you, please allow me to refer you to another local breeder who may be able to help you. In the meantime, I’m also still happy to answer any general questions you may have about the breed or the process of buying a puppy. The bottom line: you should be happy with the breeder you go with and the puppy that you bring home.

So you think you might still want a Barrett puppy?!

We have two litters planned for Summer 2020. 

Puppies out of the Skeeter x Tennessee litter are expected to go home in August 2020. The interest list for this litter is full.

Puppies out of the TBD x Mango litter are expected to go home in September 2020. Please submit a Prospective Owner Questionnaire if you’d like to get on the interest list for this litter. 

Other breeding plans are still very preliminary in phase; please reach out directly if you’d like some more details. 

Please complete and Submit a Prospective Owner Questionnaire. You can find a copy of that questionnaire, here. The purpose of this long questionnaire is for us to get some basic information before we start a dialogue; we’d love to get to know you.

We’ll contact you to let you know that we’ve received your questionnaire. If you don’t hear from us within a week of submitting it, please ping me directly at kim [at] barrettweimaraners [dot] com; it’s very possible that your questionnaire got lost in outer space and we never saw it. If there’s a particular litter you’re interested in, please let us know at the bottom of the form.

Got extra time on your hands?! 

Feel free to hit up the further reading section of this website. There is a lot of good information you may find useful in your puppy research.

Last updated: March 2020

A collage of our whereabouts in 2016-2017… including multiple road trips to most of the Southwestern United States.

2016 Boulder x Seren puppies, all placed into loving homes.

Announcements for the previous litters:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset - Day 1 - Ad

Processed with VSCOcam - The Final Seven - Birth Announcement - Max x Friday 2014 - Introduction - 9 Puppies - Text.PNG -

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