Rankings for Show Dogs

Let’s talk about the importance of the Ranking System and why it’s imperative that Rankings are reported correctly in order to ensure the integrity of our Sport.
There are two accepted ranking systems, Breed and All-Breed. The AKC/Canine Chronicle keeps a running tabulation of these two systems starting January 1st and running through the end of calendar year. On the last day of the month, and only the last day, come the official rankings.
Breed system- a dog/bitch winning Best of Breed earns 1pt for every Weimaraner competing that day, not including themselves.
All-Breed system- in addition to the breed points earned if a dog/bitch earns a placement in the sporting group they earn an addition point for every animal competing at the show in the sporting group minus any breeds that placed in group ahead of them. Ex. Golden Retriever group 1st-Weimaraner group 2nd. The Weimaraner would get a point for every animal competing in the sporting breeds except the Golden Retrievers. Additionally if the Weimaraner won the group and went on to win BIS then they would earn 1pt for every animal that competed in the show, all groups, that day (except themselves).
The appropriate way to report your dog’s rankings is by designating which system you are referencing.
IE- #1 Weimaraner in Breed, #1 Weimaraner in All-Breed or #1 Weimaraner all systems.
Or by using asterisks.
#1 Weimaraner*, then use the correct footnote:
*Breed System
Not using appropriate designations is extremely poor sportsmanship. 
It is a very long year and all the Dogs/Breeders/Owners/Handlers listed should be proud. Campaigning a dog for national rankings is a tremendous undertaking.

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