Road Trip # 01 of 2018: Sonoita, AZ

January 12-14, 2018. Seven pictures from the first road trip of 2018 to Sonoita, AZ. The purpose was to attend the Greater Phoenix Brittany Club Field Trial to see some of the Barrett dogs run: Boulder, Gracie, Sookie, and Steven. This also happens to be my first-ever solo road trip with dogs and horses. Mango came along to keep me company and snuggled up with me in the Ford Expedition at night. Miles driven: 1,254.

My first “solo” road trip with dogs and horses. I only had enough courage to bring one dog, and one horse.

It was also the first “solo Expedition slumber party.” Mango slept in the back of the car with me to keep me warm at night. Even though it was only 32 degrees outside, we slept with the windows cracked because the cold air felt good on top of the sheets.

This GSP, “Joe,” earned a Second Place ribbon (and 2 pts) in the Open Gun Dog stake! Watching his run, and riding almost every brace, I can totally see why he was in the ribbons. Good dog.

Sunrise out of the passenger window.

This is BoulderMan on point and Kirby (another Weim!) backing. Good boys.

Boulder’s sister Gracie at full extension. Beautiful run, but unfortunately, no birds.

Last sunset before the departure home. It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend with friends, dogs, and horses.

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