Road Trip # 01 of 2019: Dog Show at Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA

January 3-6, 2019. Seven pictures from the first road trip of 2019 to Indio, CA.

Barrett and Company started the year at the dog shows!!!! Big thanks to the girls (and Gene🤣) for coming out and bringing both the Boulder and Blaise Pascal kids!

SHADOWFAX (Boulder kid/Mango’s brother) had a dynamite show debut (WD, WD/BOW, and then WD/BOW/BOS! for a 4pt Major, 5pt Major, and another 5 pt Major for a total of 14 points in one weekend!!) Congrats Evelyn!!!

STERLING (Blaise kid) earned a very nice 5pt Major on Sunday by going WB from the 9-12 class for her mamma Lori.

COWBOY (Boulder kid)earned his GCH BRONZE by going BOS for a 5pt Major with mamma Holly.

Soba (Blaise kid) and Gemma (Blaise kid) were also entered and had a good time. And congratulations to Kristina for going to your first dog show and showing your own dog!!! CC: Beth Worrell

Finally, a couple of honorable mentions go to Steely Dan(ni) (Silverhoney Blaze x Peach) and Josie (Judd x Bug), two new pups who are too young to compete but learned how to stack and walk on a show lead this weekend. CC: KimStacey


1. Shadowfax with his parents
2. The entourage back at the house
3. Steely Dan(ni) learning how to stack
4. Lori and Kristina with Half-siblings Sterling and Gemma
5. Shrimp and carnitas taco dinner at the house!!!
6. Sterling WB win photo
7. Kim and Soba with one of his RWD ribbons

Miles logged: 1,180.

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