Road Trip # 04 of 2019: Mesquite, NV and Phoenix, AZ

Twelve photos (we couldn’t keep it to our usual seven) of our road trip to Mesquite, Nevada, to attend a field trial hosted by the Las Vegas Bird Dog Club. And one photo of Kristina with Gemma (2018 Blaise Pascal x Sparkle) at the Shows in Phoenix!!! It was COLD, it was RAINY, it was WINDY, but we’d do it again in a heartbeat! Additional descriptions to follow with each photo.

Kristina and Gemma being the rock-stars they are at the Phoenix shows!!!

THANK YOU WARREN for buying the ENTIRE CAMP dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. #besthostever

It rained all day Saturday. We were all soaked to the bone.

It’s a KID!!! Handling a dog. That’s our next generation, folks!!!! And he did a mighty fine job, too.

The drive into the trial grounds on Sunday morning… after I got my tire replaced.

The gallery at the start of the Amateur Limited Gun Dog course.

Clint Matthews handling Emma.

Dapper Dan’s hairdo will tell you how windy it was.

Nicole Solt scouting for Yukon.

Matt Solt handling Yukon. Delphie on the honor. Waiting for the other handler and judges to ride up from about 400 yards back.

Hey, point!!!

Delphie on a find.

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