Road Trip # 20 of 2018: WCA NFT in Ardmore, OK

Our Fourth Annual road trip to Ardmore, Oklahoma, is complete!!! This year’s roster of Barrett participants included Ronin, Baja, and Sookie (three littermates from the 2016 Rossi x Mika litter), and Steven, a Trax import out of Jackson and Feist. The Ford had broken down on me at the end of Road Trip # 19 to Paulden, AZ, so the Field Trial Secretary, Esteri Hinman, was kind enough to give me a lift. Thank you to Anne Taguchi of Touchstone Weimaraners for loading and hauling my mare, Bonnie to Nationals! And also for bringing my new gelding, Dapper Dan, home after the event. Thank you also to Trinity and Charles, for coming out and running Ronin and Baja. Also to Terry Chandler/Rugerheim Kennels for running Sookie and Steven. And shout-out to Erin Smith of Base Camp Weimaraners for road tripping out from Boston with her kids, LadyBug and Avery!!!

Below, some photos of our time at the 2018 Weimaraner Club of America National Field Trial:

Trinity and Ronin in the National Field Futurity

Vickie Margolis riding Bonnie!!!

Matt Solt, Kim Burnell, Trinity Osborn, and Anne Taguchi waiting for placements

NFT Callbacks

2018 WCA National Field Championship – Judges Matt Stolt and Dave Walker

NFC FC AFC Touchstone’s AC Nothing Personal, owned by Anne Taguchi, bred by Don & Candra Dufek

2nd Place Ch. Trax Seventh Sister v Graenit, owned by Esteri & George Hinman, bred by Shirley Nilsson

3rd Place Silverthorn’s Snapper Jim, owned and bred by Mike Green

4th Place FC Waybac’s Silver Surfer, owned and bred by Beverly & Wayne Cowgill

The 2018 National Field Futurity Placements!

1st “Ivy” Trax Ivey League, owned by Terry Meek & Megan Bastien, bred by Shirley Nilsson & Megan Bastien

2nd “Scrappy” Silverthorn’s Let Me At ‘Em, owned by Mike Green, bred by Mike Wiacek

3rd “Juicy” GCh Unity’s Bzyfeet Minute Maid, owned by Greg McLogan, Amy Tourond & Michelle Hunter, bred by Gregory McLogan, Vicky Ruiz & Amy Tourond

4th “Brier” NorthLink’s Hurry Hard NSD, owned by Darcie Godwin & April Mallon, bred by April & JR Mallon

Baja making some moves in the National Futurity, handled by Chuck Salse

Charles Salse loving on Erin’s Avery (2018 Judd x LadyBug)

Ray Nowell with Otto Lytle in the early morning

2018 National Amateur Field Championship placements:

1st “Surfer Dude” NAFC FC Waybac’s Silver Surfer, owned by Wayne & Beverly Cowgill, bred by Beverly & Wayne Cowgill

2nd “Dillon” WestWeim’s Dodge City’s Marshal-Trax von Edelweiss, owned by Cydney Hansen & Frank Sommer, bred by Becky & Curtis Fockler & Shirley Nilsson

3rd “Otto” Silvershot’s Otto Von Knapp, owned by Gary Lytle, bred by Gerry Gertiser & Judy Balog

4th “Saber” FC AFC Snake Break’s n Reiteralm’s Gleaming Saber, owned by Wayne Cowles, bred by Tim Smith & Virginia Alexander

Stella in the Open Derby stake

2018 National Open Derby placements:

1. “Indy” RNL’s Indiana Bones, owned by John Bonner, bred by Doyle Depriest

2. “Scrappy” Silverthorn’s Let Me At ‘Em, owned by Mike Green, bred by Mike Wiacek

3. “Shirley” Chris D’s I’m Schmidt, owned by Christine Dougherty, bred by Christine Dougherty

4. “Scout” RNB’s Beast of the Southern Wild, owned by Dustin Reeves, bred by Christi Theriot & Renee Viehmann

2018 National Open Walking Puppy placements:

1. “Shirley” Chris D’s I’m Schmidt, owned and bred by Christine Dougherty

2. “Indy” RNL’s Indiana Bones, owned by John Bonner, bred by Doyle Depriest

3. “Robber” Jewel’s Thief Uncaged, owned by Mary Brown, bred by Chris & Steph Meyer

4. “Rufus” Rufus Southpaw 1st Duke of Otter Creek, owned by Ron & Charlotte Hudson, bred by Brandon Sims

Open Walking Puppy gallery

Lake Murray, photo by Ron Hudson




JR and Tearin on the starting line of the Open Walking Puppy

Kim hugging Bonnie – it was our last ride together before I traded her into the wrangler – thanks for a great year, Bonnie! 

Todd and Stella

Mike Wiacek on Clyde

Juicy’s owners

The Barrett crew this year: Charles Salse, Kim Burnell, and Trinity Osborn

Kim and Trinity

Charles and Baja

Me on Clyde

Ronin and Kibber

After 11 days and 2,672 miles, Erin and Kim are back in Cedar City for the night… with a gaggle of dogs. 

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