Team Barrett

It takes a village to do what we do. “Team Barrett” consists of people who own Barrett-bred dogs and are actively letting them shine in conformation and/or performance events. (There’s a separate page for the retired Barrett dogs.) As adults, these dogs are evaluated for health, structure and temperament before they are considered for breeding.

Gracie | Ch Barrett’s Lady Grey (4 pts towards Field CH) – Age 4

DOB: April 15, 2014

Owner: Erin Smith


Gracie was “Lilac” out of the 2014 Max x Friday litter and, when at home, lives with her mamma Erin and sister LadyBug at Base Camp Weimaraners in Massachusetts. In April 2015, Gracie became the first-ever Barrett dog to be field pointed by winning an Open Puppy stake at a Northern New Mexico Brittany Trial. Later that month, Gracie picked up another Puppy Point with her First Place ribbon at the WCA Western Classic in Madras, Oregon. By June 2015, Gracie had also picked up a few show points, once even going Best of Opposite Sex over Specials for her first Major (at the Del Monte Kennel Club shows in Carmel, CA). In July 2015, Gracie earned the Second Place Junior Futurity Bitch ribbon at the Western Futurity and Maturity in Portland, Oregon. In December 2015, she picked up a nice Second Place ribbon in the Open Derby stake at the WCA National Field Trial in Ardmore, OK. In June 2016, Gracie picked up her Third Major and finished her show career. Currently the only show- and field- pointed Barrett dog, Erin and I have very high expectations for little Miss Gracie, who is currently with me in Utah while we prepare her for motherhood. Gracie has her own page here, and her pedigree can be viewed here.

LadyBug | GGH Barrett n’ Star’s Flying Spectacle NSD – Age 4

DOB: October 8, 2014

Owner: Erin Smith - 2016-01-11 - Bug - Movement - Square

LadyBug was “LadyBug” out of the 2014 Torque x Friday litter (yeah, we really did go there), and lives with Erin and Gracie. I have a special place in my heart for this one because not only is she the spitting image of Mamma Friday in the face, but she has Friday’s dark coat, too (which I really like). In September 2015, Bug and Erin made their debut in the ring together. In November 2015, Bug earned her Novice Shooting Ratings title! In December 2015, we took her to Ardmore, and Bug competed in the first-ever Walking Puppy stake at the WCA Field Trial. No ribbons, but lots of applause for being part of the inaugural group. In February 2016, Bug WON the 2016 WCA Western Classic Field Futurity, and in July, she followed that up with a Fourth Place in Intermediate Bitch ribbon in the 2016 WCA Western Futurity/Maturity. In Spring 2017, Bug was leased out to Louise Brady of Star Weimaraners and delivered three healthy, beautiful girls. Next up for Bug: Expecting her next litter in Spring 2019. Bug has her own page here, and her pedigree can be viewed here.

Stark | Ch Barrett N Touchstone’s Star Circus Monkey JH – Age 4

DOB: October 8, 2014

Owner: Carlos and Jana DeTevis


Stark was “Monkey” out of the 2014 Torque x Friday litter, and lives with Carlos, Jana, and his canine sisters, Hannah and Tate in Chino, CA. In September 2015, Stark finished his bench championship in Primm, Nevada, and just a couple of months later in December 2015, passed all four legs at the Vizsla Club’s double double hunt test to earn his Junior Hunter title. In July 2016, Stark earned a Fourth Place Intermediate Futurity Dog at the 2016 WCA Western Futurty/Maturity. These days, Stark’s in training with his pappa Carlos to become a fine hunting companion. When not training, they also go “hiking” for quail in the local desert. The pair are also actively working on their AKC Senior Hunter title. Stark’s pedigree can be viewed here.

Turbo | Touchstone n’ Barrett’s Autobot Smokescreen, NAVHDA NA PRIZE 3 (102) – Age 3

DOB: August 8, 2015

Owner: Diane Vater

Turbo was Yellow Boy out of the 2015 Project Mika Autobot litter. It was clear from the get-go that this boy was special. In October, he left the nest to stay with Erin and Bug up in the mountains. In December, he traveled over 2,500 miles (with littermate sister Luna) to see his biological dad (2xNFC/FC ERBENHOF SnS BOOGIE WOOGIE BO) compete in Ardmore, OK at the 2015 WCA NAtional Field Trial. In April 2016, he earned a Prize III in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test with Garret. Turbo is a two-time NWA Open Derby winner, and is also Winner of the 2016 WCA Western Field Futurity. Ticon is being exclusively trained and handled by Diane Vater of Alpha Dog Kennels in PA.  Turbo’s pedigree can be viewed here.

Graham | Barrett’s Love is a Happy Home, Major show pointed – Age 2

DOB: February 15, 2016

Owner: Joel and Kamie Hendricks

As a youngster, Graham (2016 Silogram Royce x Silhouette Seren) was the Blue Boy out of the 2016 Royce x Seren litter and known online as “The Jumbo Jet.” Today, he’s one of my best kept secrets. Graham lives in Huntington Beach with his mom, dad, brother, and sister, and also on Instagram under the hashtag, #goodboygraham. And a good boy, he is. I knew early on that Graham was bulletproof around kids, so it makes my heart happy to know how well loved he is. Bonus! Just recently, I was able to sweet-talk his mamma Kamie into showing him at the Costa Mesa shows. Two blue ribbons, but no purple… so we’ll keep going until he’s a finished Champion. With his great attitude and flawless character, Graham will someday be a fine contributor to the Barrett breeding program.

Sookie | Barrett’s Independence Inn (field pointed) – Age 2

DOB: July 2, 2016

Owner: Jason and Sasha Robertson

Sookie was “Pink Girl” out of the 2016 Rossi x Mika litter. My “pick of the litter” ended up with friends and neighbors, the Robertson family, who also own Marshall out of the 2016 Royce x Seren litter. Although still young, it’s CLEAR to everyone who’s met her that this girl is sum’n special. With zero training, Sookie easily stands her birds from 30 yards out, all day long, and with a 12 o’clock tail. Sookie is exclusively trained by Terry Chandler/Rugerheim Kennels, and currently has an Open Derby win under her belt from the 2018 Desert GSP Field Trial. Sookie’s pedigree can be viewed here.

Baja | Barrett’s Stars n’ Stripes JH NSD – Age 2

DOB: July 2, 2016

Owner: Charles and Kristi Salse

Baja was “Orange Boy/Arnold” out of the 2016 Rossi x Mika litter. From Day ONE, Baja’s parents were committed to training him and handling him. In just a couple of weekends in February 2017, Baja earned his Junior Hunter title. He also has his Novice Shooting Dog title from a WCA ratings test. In Spring 2017, Baja also earned a perfect FOUR score in every single NAVHDA NA test category… except the pointing one, in which he didn’t earn a score. (Bummer!!!) But that’s okay, he eventually earned a Prize II a few months later. In February 2018, with hardly any training at all, Baja and his dad came out to the WCA Western Classic and Field Futurity, and WON!!! Next up is formal training to see if we can unlock some of that hidden talent. As time permits, Baja will also be making a few laps around the local show rings. Baja’s pedigree can be viewed here.

Ronin | Barrett’s American Patriot JH (Show pointed) – Age 2

DOB: July 2, 2016

Owner: Brian and Trinity Osborn

Ronin was “Blue Boy” out of the 2016 Rossi x Mika litter. This kid has it all. Parents who are devoted to him, a community who supports him, a nose that directs him, and legs that move him. Passing four legs to get his Junior Hunter title was easy. Evidently, so was running at the field trial in the Open Puppy Stakes… all with his mom, Trinity. Because that’s not enough, Ronin also plays in the show ring, and has show/bench points to boot!! Ronin’s pedigree can be viewed here.

Cowboy | GCHB Barrett’s Knight-Time Rock n’ Roll Cowboy – Age 2

DOB: August 17, 2016

Owner: Holly McKnight and John Nelssen

Cowboy was “Orange Boy” out of the 2016 Boulder x Seren litter. My “pick of the litter,” I sent him to Holly in Autumn 2017, so I could buy myself some more to figure out where I wanted to put him. Well, whaddayaknow?! It turns out that Holly and John’s house was where he belonged. 🙂 In Spring 2017, Cowboy made his show debut, and by September had finished his bench championship by going Best of Breed over Specials (!!!). In true dual form, Cowboy also has some juvenile field trial placements to his credit. Cowboy’s pedigree can be viewed here.

Elleven | CH Barrett’s Primorial Princess – Age 2

DOB: August 17, 2016

Owner: Brent and Amanda Saxton

Elleven was Navy Girl out of the 2016 Boulder x Seren litter. I knew early on the girl was special, so I “kept her close.” Elleven spent a lot of time in her younger months bunking with different friends while I sorted out an insane work schedule, other dogs, field trial season, and a (big) move. 

Over the winter, I sent Elleven to crash with Brent and his family for a bit while I worked on finding him a Barrett puppy. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans so after we learned Bug wasn’t pregnant, it took me awhile to find that right puppy for Brent. When I thought I finally did, Brent pretty much said, “the right puppy already lives here…” so Elleven never came back. 

Elleven finished her Show Championship in just seven weekends out, and with a total of FOUR MAJORS (Coyote Hills 3pt, SWC Specialty 3pt, Los Encinos Kennel Club 4pt, and Antelope Valley Kennel Club 4pt). This won’t be the last we see of Miss Elleven as Brent and his family have some exciting plans for her. Elleven sports a beautiful headpiece, and has one of the sweetest personalities out of all my Boulder kids. Her pedigree can be viewed here.

Blaise Pascal | CH Trax Blaise Pascal JH – Age 2

DOB: November 8, 2016

Owner: Ralph and Annette Linares

Blaise Pascal (Camelot Ricky x Trax Jetta) came to Team Barrett from Shirley/Trax Weimaraners. And he has had a busy year!  After siring three litters, Blaise is on track to be a contender for being one of the Top Producing Sires of 2019. Yes, that’s still a ways away, but it’s fun to have goals, right?! BP finished his Bench/Show Championship in two weekends of dog shows in Southern CA, where he earned a total of FOUR Best of Breed ribbons. He also made the cut in the Sporting Dog group, TWICE!!! By September 2018, he had earned his GRAND Championship. Nowadays, Blaise enjoys retirement life on the sofa with his mom, dad, and human sister. Blaise Pascal has his own page, here.

Mattie | Smokey Topaz N Barrett’s Epic Matterhorn Adventure (Show Pointed) – Age 2

DOB: May 1, 2017

Owner: Tom and Kelly Feore

Mattie (2017 Boulder x Smokey Topaz Lenka) Mattie came out of Jim and Debbie Ebert’s 2017 Boulder x Lenka Mountain Peak Nine litter. Litter-mate sister to Mango, Mattie lives with her half-brother, Barkley in Glendale, Arizona. In June 2018, Mattie traveled up to the 2018 WCA National Specialty Show and earned a very nice Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweepstakes ribbon in a very large entry. Still a youngster, Mattie is just getting started; we’ll be hitting up the local Arizona and California show circuit in Summer and Autumn 2019.

Ruby | Smokey Topaz n’ Barrett’s Ruby Mountain – Age 2

DOB: May 1, 2017

Owner: Mark and Kim Urbani

Ruby came out of Jim and Debbie Ebert’s 2017 Boulder x Lenka Mountain Peak Nine litter. Litter-mate sister to Mango,Ruby lives with her human parents in Chowchilla, California. Ever a social butterfly, Ruby spends her day knocking on doors of neighbors up and down the street to see if her dog friends can come out and play. With her dad as an avid gardener, Ruby has also taken to eating all the berries in the yard. In June 2018, Ruby traveled up to the 2018 WCA National Specialty Show and got as far as a First Place ribbon in the 12-18 Bitch class in a nice-sized entry. Still a youngster, Ruby is just getting started; we’ll be hitting up the local California show circuit in Spring 2019.

Zane | CH Smokey Topaz n’ Barrett’s Mongollon Rim JH – Age 2

DOB: May 1, 2017

Owner: Lance Larson

Zane came out of Jim and Debbie Ebert’s 2017 Boulder x Lenka Mountain Peak Nine litter. At just six months of age, Zane and his dad earned their AKC Junior Hunter title in Buckeye, Arizona, with four straight passes!!! His scores were also mostly in the 9s with a couple of 10s. At 6 months and 19 days of age, Zane is also the youngest-ever Barrett dog to have earned the Junior Hunter title. A special THANK YOU to owner Lance Larson for committing to do “lots of fun stuff” with his puppy. In his first six months, Zane had been out hunting for pigeon, quail, and pheasant. In May 2018, Zane earned a Best in Puppy Sweepstakes ribbon at the Albuquerque Weimaraner Specialty. Later in the year, he finished his Championship with THREE Majors!! These days, Zane is in bird dog training with Guy Mollicone of Mollicone Kennels. We have no doubt this is just the beginning of his very bright future.

Shadowfax | Smokey Topaz n’ Barrrett’s Aspiration Peak (Major show pointed) – Age 2

DOB: May 1, 2017

Owner: Evelyn and Solomon Massin

Shadowfax came out of Jim and Debbie Ebert’s 2017 Boulder x Lenka Mountain Peak Nine litter and mostly serves as a running buddy to his parents, who are avid runners. In January 2019, we debuted him at the Palm Springs shows, and in three days, Shadowfax collected THREE MAJORS for 14 points!!!

Soba | Trax Barrett Call Me Buckwheat JH NA2 (102) – Age 16 months

DOB: February 17, 2018

Owner: Beth Worrell

Soba is our stud fee puppy out of a litter sired by Trax Blaise Pascal. His mom, Reese, is a bold, adventuresome, agile, sweet, and high drive in equal measure. A good looker too, she won Best Puppy in Sporting Group at 6 months old her first time in the ring and finished her AKC Championship with a Best of Breed win. Reese has simply tremendous talent in the field with high style on birds leading her to easily complete the requirements for a Field Championship thereby becoming the first AKC Dual Champion Weimaraner in quite some years.  We’re hoping that little Soba will be just as successful as his mom.  Soba lives with Bob and Beth Worrell in Lancaster, CA and will primarily be an agility dog. Of course, we’ll also play the conformation, NAVHDA, hunt test and field trial game as well!

Sterling | Trax Atomic Number 47 JH NA 1 (112) – Age 16 months

DOB: February 17, 2018

Owner: Lori Barbee

Sterling was sired by our very own Trax Blaise Pascal. In September 2018, she earned a 3-point Major at her very first show, and then went to the NAVHDA NA test and earned a perfect score of 112. That same season, she passed all four legs of the AKC Junior Hunt test to earn her JH title. In January, Sterling earned her second Major (5 points!) at the Palm Springs shows!!! Next up for this beautiful girl is some introduction to agility with her mamma Lori.

Tearin | Barrett Tearin’ offtha Two Trax – Age 14 months (field pointed)

DOB: April 5, 2018

Owner: Gene and Stacy Yochum

Tearin is our stud fee puppy out of a litter sired by Trax Blaise Pascal. Bred for both show and field, we’re going to see if she’s got what it takes! In October 2018, Tearin made her field trial debut in California City, and earned a nice Third Place ribbon in the Open Puppy stake. In November, she followed that up with a Second Place ribbon, and then a First Place ribbon, making her one of our field-pointed youngsters! An independent running fool, she consistently impresses the judges and riding gallery with impressive casts and big moves. Thank you Team Trax for this little bugger!!!

Gemma | Trax N Barrett’s Emerald Rock Star – Age 13 months

DOB: May 16, 2018

Owner: Kristina R. Rihela

Gemma is our stud fee puppy out of a litter sired by Trax Blaise Pascal and lives with Kristina and her family in Phoenix, AZ. First and foremost, she’s going to be the family dog.  She will enjoy swimming and playing with her human sister (13) and brother (11).  In her spare time, she’ll take a few laps around the show ring, a couple sprints at the field trials, and maybe a few passes at the local hunt tests. Eventually she will join her Mom on desert hikes and runs.

Steely Dan(ni) | SilverHoney n’ Barrett’s Pretzel Logic – Age 9 months

DOB: July 29, 2018

Owner: Mark and Kim Urbani

Steely Dan(ni) (SilverHoney Blaze x SilverHoney Peach) comes to us from Suzanne of SilverHoney Weimaraners in Maryland. She is a joint/collaboration effort between Suzanne and I, but permanently lives with the Urbanis in Central California. We all have great plans for Steely’s future. Watch out for her, coming to a show ring near you in 2019!!!

Last updated: June 2019

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