The Barrett Collective – Monday, November 4, 2019 Update

Hello from the San Diego Brittany Club Walking Field Trial in the Mojave Desert of CA!!! 🤗

For the uninitiated, a “field trial” is a place to demonstrate your pointing dog’s hunting ability. Those with endurance, speed, and tenacity are usually the most successful. Think of it as the Indy 500 for dogs. 👌🏼 The sport can be somewhat intimidating because most trials are handled by participants on horseback. But once in awhile, like this past weekend, you can find a “walking trial,” where participants get to handle their dogs on foot. 💃🏻🕺🏻

For a sport that’s small and dying, I can’t express now nice it was to see some new faces!!!! 🥰

Brent/L&L Weimaraners came out with his 2019 Echo x Gracie puppy, “Teddy,” and they made their debut in the Amateur Walking Puppy stake. 💚

Carly/Devine Weimaraners came out with her Pikes Peak puppy, “Layla,” and they made their debut in the Open Walking Puppy stake. 💜

More From Team Barrett: Charles and Kristi also came out to run their boy, Baja (2016 Rossi x Mika) in the Amateur Gun Dog and Open Gun Dog stakes, and Beth came out with her boy, Soba (2018 Blaise Pascal x Trax Reese) 🧡💛

A big thank you for a great weekend of fun, friendship, and funtastic dog runnin’!!!!

– Kim

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