The Other Barrett Kids

Out of every litter, there are some puppies who are simply sold as “pets’ to the families they live with. While these dogs don’t do any official “competing,” that doesn’t make them any less of a winner, especially in the eyes of their parents. Here’s a collection of some of our companion kids:

Kelibek (PM and Knights breeding of 2017 Timber x Sophie) was bred by Dawna/PM Weimaraners and Holly/Knights Weimaraners and came to the greater Barrett family as a prospective hunting specialist.

Owner Jeannette Akcayoglu is a friend I originally met through CalWEAR. Once upon a time, she adopted a stray Weimaraner (fun fact: this was FIRST dog CalWEAR ever placed) and loved him until the day he crossed the rainbow bridge. After Kopek, Jeannette asked me to find her a Barrett dog. Since I didn’t have any litters of my own last year, I trusted Holly to find Jeannette a puppy for me. Enter Kelibek! Kelibek lives in Riverside, CA with her mom, dad, and two brothers who dote on her all day long.

2015 Bo x Mika litter: from the the Autobot Six liter were primarily bred for independence, running ability, endurance, and bird-savvy. In other words, I wanted the best puppies out of this litter to be competitive in the sport of field trialing. Only those puppies that weren’t designsted for field trialing were placed into companion homes. Blue Boy is now “Cooper” and lives with Lindsay and Chris in Leemore, CA. Pink Girl is now “Cali” and lives with the Williams family in Banning, CA. The other four puppies out of the Autobot Six are Hammer, Ticon, Luna, and Turbo, and they’re still field-trial prospect kids.

2014 Torque x Friday litter: out of the Circus Seven litter were bred for temperament and conformation / structure. One of my goals was to get these kids to be more competitive in the show ring than their mother was. Only those puppies that I didn’t think were going to be competitive in the show ring were placed into companion homes. Penguin is now “Anze” and lives with Greg and Debbie Sanderson in Paso Robles, CA. TeddyBear is now “Finn” and lives with the Wiehe family in Tucson, Arizona. Froggie is now “Jaeger” and lives with Alex in Tennessee. A special note about Jaeger: Alex DID allow me to borrow Jaeger back and show him, and we were VERY SUCCESSFUL at it. Jaeger actually finished his show career with FOUR Majors (you only need two), but nowadays, he’s retired and lives a wonderful “companion” pet lifestyle.

2014 Max x Friday litter: out of the Declaration Nine litter were bred for temperament, conformation / structure, and field ability. As a repeat breeding, one of the goals of the litter was for co-breeder Holly to also select a female puppy that she would be successful in the show circuit with. (And she was!) Puppies that I didn’t think were going to be competitive in the show ring and/or out in the field were placed into companion homes. Walrus is now “Wally” and lives in Huntington Beach with Ben and Cynthia. Pinky is now “Luna” and lives in Brownsville, Texas with Brad and his family. Mardi Gras is now “Levon” and lives in Northern California with Kane, Emily, and his dog brother, Able. Carribbean is now “Boss” and lives in Cody, Wyoming with his mom, Wanda. Lion is now “Braque” and lives with Sam in Big Bear. Marine is now “Eugene” and lives with Ilan and Susannah in Long Beach, CA.

2013 Max x Friday litter: out of the Pioneer Seven litter were bred for temperament and conformation / structure. Co-breeder Holly took back the pick of the litter, a girl. I kept back Black Boy, who is now Boulder. Purple Girl is now “LunaBelle” and lives in Northern California with Hank and Denise. In Summer 2014, she backpacked with her parents and Weimaraner sister Ripley through Alaska and now gets plenty of trail and outdoor time. Her family loves her to pieces. To this day, I think that LunaBelle is the prettiest girl Friday ever had, and I’m thankful she was such a loving home with Hank and Denise. She’s a globetrotter, for sure!!! Blue Boy is now “Heinrich” and lives with his parents, Bryan and Nicole in Huntington Beach, CA. Green Boy is now “Cooper” and lives with Joni, Savannah, and Porter in Chandler, AZ. From his family:

Cooper weighs 32 pounds now. Smartest dog ever. He can unlock doors. Open sliding doors. We let him roam one day… he used one paw to old himself against a wall and the other to push the handle down. Most dogs, if they are smart, just throw themselves against the handle and hope it opens. Sometimes, he slides the crate door open. Doesn’t fetch or swim yet. Couldn’t care less about chasing a ball. The kids need to elevate themselves above Cooper. He controls them. Well, Porter is supposed to be 6’7″ and Savi 6’0″ – They’ll figure it out. Cooper bites Porter’s ankles and tries to trip him, it’s hilarious. Boy is now “Jasper” and lives with the Zeutzius family in Pasadena, CA. His mom says:

Jasper is doing great.  He loves his crate and sleeps like a baby through the night… He has been out a lot.  He loves it.  We took a long walk today and he comes with me to pick up the kids from school.  He had his first experience with rain yesterday.  He doesn’t care for it and tries to pee as fast as possible.  Training just ended, but I am thinking about putting him in her nose work class.  I think he’d love it.  He is starting to get better at loose leash walking.  We are just using a flat leash as Penny Fox Scott suggested.  The first few walks nearly broke my arm, but now the beast is doing much better.  He is so excited to walk.  He stays pretty well too, however, if a squirrel ran by, he’d leave me in the dust.  We’re working on it ;).  I haven’t weighed him recently, but he is strong and lean.  The crate has been a blessing to us.  He even does time outs in there.  Penny said it is completely okay to do.  One day, when he was being a naughty boy, he knew I was coming after him, and he ran right in it!!
Well, I’ve gone on….We love Jasper.  He’s our man!! Girl is now “Rilo” and lives with her mom, Stephanie, in Sacramento, CA. I’m a fan of Instagram, and I follow a lot of other members who post photos of Weimaraners. One day, I noticed that a dog walker in Sacramento was posting a pretty cute picture of a Weimaraner puppy. I remember thinking, “hey, she’s cute! …and she looks a little familier.” When I got to the next picture, it dawned on me that these pictures were of YELLOW GIRL!!!!

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  1. February 17, 2017 @ 4:43 pm Carol Grisotti

    Beautiful ! each one of them. Home is not a home without Patter of doggy feet.


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