The Smokey Topaz Nature Litter

Smokey Topaz Weimaraners in Sierra Vista, CA, currently has a litter on the ground. Six (6) girls and one (1) boy out of Blaise and Lenka will be ready for their new homes in the third week of May. For those who are interested in learning more about the puppies, please see DebE’s notes and photos, below. Holler with any questions.

Thank you!

A note from DebE – These pups are a lively bunch and keep us running. For the past three to five days most of them have been trekking up our rocky hillside. Then yesterday, two of them ran off to see what the road looked like. They are all over the place but so cute, too. They have names now. We decided to stick with a nature theme…
Lily is green collar with a “lily” chest (and on feet) and of course they were sort of Easter babes. She is more delicate in build, has a nice silver gray coat, sweet to people but holds her own with her siblings. She seems very agile and is one of the rock climbers.
Meadow is orange collar, white shield on chest, larger build than Lily, she is not as wild since we have worked with her and she loves lying on her back now.
Laurel is black collar with white on chest, very agile, a leaper off of things, brave to handle most athletic pursuits — would be good at agility or dock diving. She is also good at sniffing so would be an excellent tracker — in fact all of them appear to have good noses.
Iris has a well balanced build, a little white on chest and back of pasterns. I like the way she moves and she also loves cuddling. She and Lily hang out and do adventurous things together. 
Turquoise is smaller than the red collar one and has no white on her.
Red collar has a wider head and has a little white on her pastern which I don’t think will show up very much.
And then there is blue collar boy named Bartram after the famous botanist (son was also a noted ornithologist). He struts around here like he’s hot stuff, a little on the stubborn side, has a narrow white streak on his chest. He’s the biggest one of the group and weighed in at 9 pounds the other day.

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